Insertion of Task Force Camel

Task Force Camel was transported in the back of a MH-47G Chinook helicopter (chapter 38) of the 160 Special Operations Aviation Regiment. Their destination was a spot inside Iraq within a couple miles of the Iranian border. Their objective was to enter Iran and reach a spot on Road 15 south of Dezli referred to as "Point Kabob II". Call up the full blog to see the attached photo. Click on photo ...

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Assault on Dehloran

The assault by Task Force Camel (chapter 48) on the Dehloran early-warning radar complex was the first hostile action by the IDF inside Iran. The 12-man team led by Captain Yoni Ben Zeev emerged from its daytime hide to take control of the Dehloran radar only hours before the IAF strike on Iran. Call up the full blog to see the attached photo. Click on photo to enlarge.  

Understanding Iranian Ambitions

To most Americans, the image of Iran is one of religious zealotry punctuated by the nation’s patronage of Hezbollah. To every American over the age of 45, the national nightmare of the Iranian hostage crisis remains indelibly etched in his or her memory. The episode remains perhaps the greatest humiliation of the United States since the fall of South Vietnam, a slow motion nightmare played out nightly in the living ...

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Path to Point Kabob II

Task Force Camel makes its way across the Iranian border and on to Point Kabob II (chapter 39), a hairpin bend in Road 15 just below the peak of Kuh-e Takht-e Uraman in the Zagros Mountains. Call up the full blog to see the attached photos. Click on photos to enlarge. The path followed by Task Force Camel: The view of Point Kabob II from vantage point of Captain Ben Zeev:

Why the Name “Esther’s Sling”?

A lot of readers ask me about the name of my newest novel, Esther’s Sling. “Why did you choose a title that seems to have no connection to Israel, Iran or the struggle over Iran’s nuclear program?”, they ask. “Why not something straight forward like ‘Israel Attacks Iran’?” Well, for my Jewish fans, the biblical tale of Esther is familiar from the annual observance of Purim. For my ...

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