Inspired by authors like Robert Ludlum and Tom Clancy, I write thrillers intended to keep you entertained and guessing – while at the same time challenging your gray matter and, hopefully, providing the occasional glimpse of insight. My books are heavily researched and strive for authenticity and accurate detail.

Esther’s Sling

During 2009, Israeli Prime Minister Eli Cohen concludes that Israel stands alone in its determination to halt the Iranian nuclear program. Follow Cohen and his Kitchen Cabinet as they enlist the services of two accomplished professionals – one a Mossad agent and one an air force general – to plan, prepare and execute a daring attack. Will Israel turn to its own nuclear weapons to halt the Iranians? The answer lies in Esther’s Sling.

The Falstaff Enigma

In 1983, the Cold War is on the verge of becoming very hot as Ronald Reagan faces off with the new Soviet Premier Yuri Andropov. Just how close the world comes to catastrophe is discovered by a DIA analyst named Robert Austin. What is the riddle that Austin solves and will he be able to avert World War III?

Esther's Sling - Ben BrunsonThe Fallstaff Enigma - Ben Brunson