Insertion of Task Force Camel

Task Force Camel was transported in the back of a MH-47G Chinook helicopter (chapter 38) of the 160 Special Operations Aviation Regiment. Their destination was a spot inside Iraq within a couple miles of the Iranian border. Their objective was to enter Iran and reach a spot on Road 15 south of Dezli referred to as "Point Kabob II". Call up the full blog to see the attached photo. Click on photo ...

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Path to Point Kabob II

Task Force Camel makes its way across the Iranian border and on to Point Kabob II (chapter 39), a hairpin bend in Road 15 just below the peak of Kuh-e Takht-e Uraman in the Zagros Mountains. Call up the full blog to see the attached photos. Click on photos to enlarge. The path followed by Task Force Camel: The view of Point Kabob II from vantage point of Captain Ben Zeev: